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Slide shows (2)

Publié par Jean-Pierre MAFFRE

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Kirghizistan : Aigles apprivoisés - Tamed eagles These hunting scenes offer eagles close-up pictures.

Kirghizistan : Lumières du matin - Morning lights Between glowing red skies with subtlety and mildness of colouring, morning lights can be tinged with shades like japanese engravings.

Kirghizistan : Paysages d'été - Summer landscapes In this vast plains and mountains, animals spread out peacefully.

Kirghizistan : Présence humaine - Human présence With cave art, petroglyph, rocks carved by nature and clouds, it is hard not to feel human présence.

Kirghizistan : Scènes de marchés - Marketplaces Welcome to Bichkek, Karakol and Naryn marketplaces.

Kirghizistan : Sport équestre - Equestrian sport With this kyrgyz version of football, it is not a round ball  that is at stake, but a goat skin.

Kirghizistan : Variations de ciels - Sky variations At dusk and dawn or in the middle of the day, summer sky offer different shades.

Kirghizistan : Vie paysanne - Rural life Cows and horses are the core of rural like in kyrgyz countryside.

Langues de félins - Feline tongues It 's unpolite to stick one's tongue, unless you're a féline.

Le cheval en détails - Details horses How to resist the pleasure of photographing horses, seen as men's noblest conquest ?

L'éclipse de lune du 21 janvier 2019 - Eclipse of the moon on the 20th of January 2019 When earth is located between the sun and the moon in a perfect alignment, who dares to say the earth is flat ?

Le Grand Meaulnes - The Lost Estate Who never imagined the scenery where The Grand Meaulnes’s story takes place ? The author drew his inspiration from several locations. Here are the pictures. Thanks to Daniel Soupizet who guided me all along the reportage in 1982.

Le Grand Meaulnes sépia - "Le Grand Meaulnes" sepia To get closer to the atmosphere of the "Grand Meaulnes" era, there is nothing like images in black and white turned into sepia.

Le mont Saint Michel - Mont Saint-Michel Between Normandy and Brittany is located the "the beauty of the Occident", a gothic benedictine abbey, dedicated to Archangel Saint Michel, overlooking the village surrounded by ramparts.

Le Papa, la Maman et le Bébé - Daddy, Mummy and Baby How Lucky one had been to witness such tender and innocent moments.

Le Rafale - The Rafale A wonderful cutting-edge technology, thanks to the gathering at the Ferté Alais for bringing out such a beautiful show.

Les arbres en hiver - Wintertime trees Blue sky conduces us to gaze upon the uncluttered shapes of the branches of the trees with no longer leaves on it.

Lumières argentées - Silver lights The battering of light ans colour of a fireworks easily gets along with the sober aspect of black and white photography.

Lumières au printemps - Springtime lights How wonderful to admire tree leaves playing under the mild and sunny spring !

Lumières d'eaux - Water lights Water, light and colors display a magical and ephemeral spectacle.

Lumières de cathédrales - Cathedral lights ​From the cathedral to the smallest church, each building offers, a changing palette of colours according to period of time.

Lumières de Chartres - Lights of Chartres The stained glass of Chartres cathedral are well known and yet all we have to do is looking down to discover other wonders such as the paving and the labyrinth.

Lumières de jardins - Light in gardens Trees filter sunlights and restore them as spotlights give us lighting that can be obtained in the studio.

Lumières de tilleuls - Lime lightsWhat an astonishing sight, to gaze at light in the summer foliage of a one-hundred year old lime.

Lumières de tilleuls en noir et blanc - Black and white lime trees lights How could we resist to black AND white Flawlessness AND sobriety.

Lumières éphémères - Fleeting lights Under the sun, a small watercourse can suddenly look like a watercolour.

Lumières évanescentes - Evanescent lights As you probably have noticed, I'm fascinated by light effects. Also by Photoshop.

Lumières fugitives - Fleeting lights ​The ideal recipe to get striking bright effects? spotlights and smoke bombs.

Lumières minimales - Miniml lights Light, glass and metal are concrete but you can make abstraction out of it, with the help of Photoshop.

Lumières photographiées - Photographed lights At the Photo fair in Bièvres, it was a perfect sunny day to play with light.

Lumières tropicales - Tropical lights Plants need sun to grow. To make them beautiful, sun and sun again.

Lumière sur métal - Light on metal C'est tout un univers de formes géométriques baignées de lumière qui s'offre à nous. A whole world of geometrical shapes bathed in light ils unveiled.

Magma - Magma Asphalt, like an inspired graphic designer, surprise us with unexpected material effects.

Maison de Nicéphore Niépce - Nicephore Niépce's House (France) In Saint Loup de Varennes, near Chalon-sur-Saône, Nicéphore Niépce's House is currently run by Pierre-Yves Mahé who organised a private visit to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Photoshop Club.

Ma première exposition - My first exhibition My first photographic exhibition took place in 1972 at the bookshop Privat in Toulouse. Cartier Bresson, Doisneau, Boubat were my masters.

Marais salants - Salt marshes Flying over salt marsches, only for the joy of immersing oneself in their geometrical beauty.

Matière noire - Black patterns Seeweed on a closer look can appear as contemporary art paintings.

Matières évanescentes - Evanescent stuff Go through the looking glass from stuff to dream.

Meeting aérien de la Ferté Alais - Flying meeting of the Ferté Alais, France A must for flying fans. Planes and their layout are first-rate.

Mémoire d'asphalte - Asphalt Memory Some treadmarks left by truck tyres during summer dogdays. Not to mention Photoshop to add a personal touch.

Modillons de Surgères - Modillions of Surgeres church Built on the 11th century, Notre-Dame in Surgeres (Charente-Maritime), is famous for its very big facade richly sculpted and its bell tower.

Moirage - Watering Light effects in a woof's cloth followed by a treatment in Photoshop can create striking effects.

Mur écaillé - Flaking wall When chance takes its inspiration from shapes known by everyone.

Naissance du printemps - Spring birth Spring opens plentifully buds and leaves with a d'un playing with shadows and lights.

Nénuphars au printemps - Water lilies in spring Water lilies appear to me as timeless, ethereal, melancholic shapes.

Namibie : Crépuscule - Namibie : Twilight Before nightfall, a soft-toned light appears.

Namibie : Graphismes de dunes - Namibia : sand dunes graphisms We often imagine sand dunes with beautiful curved shapes. From the sky view, we then discover striking graphic lines.

Namibie : La Voie lactée - Namibia : the milky way Namibia is a very sought-after destination by the astronomers all over the world : the milky way appears very clearly.

Namibie : Le désert vu du ciel - Namibia : the desert seen from the sky The Namib desert, the most ancient of the world, inspire both fascination and fulfilment.

Namibie : Le peuple Himba - Namibia : Himba people Himbas people live in southern Africa, mainly in northern Namibia in the coastal desert of Kaokoveld.

Namibie : Le peuple Himba (version en noir et blnc) - Namibia : Himba people (black and white version) Himbas people live in southern Africa, mainly in northern Namibia in the coastal desert of Kaokoveld.

Namibie : Les animaux - Namibia : the animals The Etosha national park is one of the biggest reserves for animals, stretched over 350 kilometers from East to West, with a surface area of 22 275 square meters.

Namibie : Les dunes vues du ciel - Namibia : Namibia : sand dunes seen from the sky The Namib sand dunes, the most ancient and the biggest in the world, are located in the Sossusvlei region in the Namibian desert.

Namibie : Paysages de déserts - Namibia : desert landscapes Situated between Kalahari desert and south Atlantic ocean, Namibia overflow with outstanding landscapes.

Namibie : Surprises de la nature - Namibia : surprises of nature Nature sometimes offers us amazing images.

Nénuphars du matin - Water lilies, early morning When the morning low light o water lilies.

New York : Broadway la nuit - New York : Broadway at night City lights at night turn Broadway into a bright colour palette.

New York : Central Park le matin - New York : Central Park in the morning In the morning light, Central Park is immersed in a peaceful atmosphere away from the bustle of the city.

New York : Découvrir la ville - New York : Discovering the city Wandering in daytime in New York enables us to discover many aspects of this city full of striking architecture.

New York : Graphismes d'architecture - New York : Architecture graphisms Skyscrapers present very graphic pictures, with geometrical and refined lines.

New York : La Grosse Pomme - New York : Big Apple Getting to the top of the skyscrapers reveals new beauties of this city.

New York : L'art dans la rue - New York : Street art Some neighbouhoods are packed with street art, showing the city creative vitality.

New York : La ville s'éveille New - York : The city awakens Sunrises hold moments of intense emotion, when the city get dress with changing colours of dawn.

New York : Les ponts de Manhattan et de Brooklyn New York - Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges with geometrical lines present majestic pictures.

New York : Scènes de rues - New York : Street scènes New York often give the opportunity to capture in real time street scènes.

New York : Vue du ciel - New York : From the sky Flying over the city in a helicopter present an unforgettable sight.

Noir et gris - Black and grey Industrial items thanks to their texture and shades create with their style details close to abstract art.

Nuages d'avions - Plane clouds Plane's smokes trails mixed with the sky drive to daydreaming.

Nuances d'avions - Shades of planes Sun, a beautiful sky, what more to expect to succeed in taking pictures of planes.

Nuances d'avions en noir et blanc - Black and white Shades of planes Sun, a beautiful sky, what more to expect to succeed in taking pictures of planes.

Nuances de gris - Shades of grey Clouds, smoke or snow can look like a living world of fantastic créatures.

Nuances d'orchidées - Orchids' shades Orchids like jewellery : emerald, amethyst, ruby, topaz.

Noir et gris d'avions - Black and grey planes All these darkened details from planes bring out an unexpected graphism.

Noir minéral - Mineral black As an additional version to my first album about mineral from the french "Ecole des Mines", I give the black and white version.

Notre-Dame de l'Epine - Basilique Notre-Dame de l'Épine Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and located in the village of L'Épine, near Châlons-en-Champagne, the Basilique Notre-Dame de l'Épine is considered as "the Champagne jewel".

Nymphéas - White water lilies An ocean of beauty and poetry in a pond.

Nymphéas en automne - White water lilies in autumn A humble tribute to this giant of history of painting, Claude Monet.

Oiseaux du littoral - Coastal birds A few coastal birds in their world away from men.

Ombres et lumières bovines - Bovine Lights and shadows Beauty of light is everywhere, even in the most unexpected place.

Ombres et lumières minérales - Mineral shadows and lights It’s difficult to stay unmoved by such effects which bring out the contrast between shadow and light.

Ondulations - Meanders Sea lions evolving in water waved by a light wind create black patterns with beautiful style.

Ondulations minimales - Minimalist meanders The feeling of a mix of bright dark scales and silver waves.

Orchidées - Orchids According the authors, the number of orchid’s species fluctuates between 25 to 30 000 and makes it one of the most important families of flower plants. They are practically everywhere, except deserts and rivers.

Orchidées en beauté - Beautiful orchidsBare orchids, without what's around, conceiling their beauty.

Orchidées en lumières - Illuminated orchids Evanescent lights idealise and renew the delicate beauty of the orchids.

Orchidées serties de noir - Orchids set in black An alternative way of glorifying orchids consists in showing them on a black background to exalt their colours.

Oreilles de vaches - Cows' ears Under the parisian sun, bulls from the "Salon de l'agriculture" put cows into happiness ?

Papillons exotiques - Exotic butterflies A few exotic butterflies in their various dazzling colours.

Parade amoureuse - Love parade Everyone has his own seduction techniques…
And it works !!!