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Slide shows (2)

Publié par Jean-Pierre MAFFRE

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Mémoire d'asphalte - Asphalt Memory Some treadmarks left by truck tyres during summer dogdays. Not to mention Photoshop to add a personal touch.

Métro Trinité en travaux - Ongoing work at Trinité Station (Paris underground) Without its metallic dressing from the sixties, Trinité d'Estienne d'Orves station from Paris underground unveils its previous appearance.

Minéraux de l'Ecole des Mines - Minerals Ecole des Mines The Ecole des mines hosts unexpected treasures. Its collection of minerals, thanks to the shapes, the colours and the effects of light carry us in a fantasy world, yet real.

Mobilisation Algérienne - Algerian mobilisation Since 22nd of February, Algerian gather in protest in Algiers, but also in other cities of the country and the world, for example in Paris, on the 31st of March, 2019. A  message : it should be for the people to make décisions.

Modillons de Surgères - Modillions of Surgeres church Built on the 11th century, Notre-Dame in Surgeres (Charente-Maritime), is famous for its very big facade richly sculpted and its bell tower.

Moirage - Watering Light effects in a woof's cloth followed by a treatment in Photoshop can create striking effects.

Montmartre sous la neige - Montmartre under the snow In Paris, during winter and without the inflow of tourists, streets and the Place du Tertre of the Montmartre hill enjoy peaceful and quiet village life the kind painters care about.

Naissance du printemps - Spring birth Spring opens plentifully buds and leaves with a d'un playing with shadows and lights.

Nénuphars au printemps - Water lilies in spring Water lilies appear to me as timeless, ethereal, melancholic shapes.

Nénuphars du matin - Water lilies, early morning When the morning low light o water lilies.

Noir et gris - Black and grey Industrial items thanks to their texture and shades create with their style details close to abstract art.

Noir et gris d'avions - Black and grey planes All these darkened details from planes bring out an unexpected graphism.

Noir minéral - Mineral black As an additional version to my first album about mineral from the french "Ecole des Mines", I give the black and white version.

Notre-Dame de l'Epine - Basilique Notre-Dame de l'Épine Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and located in the village of L'Épine, near Châlons-en-Champagne, the Basilique Notre-Dame de l'Épine is considered as "the Champagne jewel".

Notre-Dame de Paris - Notre-Dame Paris cathédral Now is the time to present the pictures of the Viollet le duc arrow before the collapse, followed by the pictures taken during and after the fire on April 15th.

Notre Dame de Paris en feu - Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral on fire Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral was devastated by massive fire on 15th april 2019. The roof is destroyed mais the tow towers are safe. In 850 years Notre Dame never burnt.

Notre-Dame de Paris sous la neige - Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral under the snow This year Notre-Dame de Paris and its surroundings have been covered with a poetic white veil. January 2013.

Nouvel an Chinois à Paris - Chinese New Year in Paris After the Chinese Year of the Dog, in February 2019 was celebrated the Year of the Pig. A special occasion to admire the great dazzling show that took place, as every year, in the 13th district in Paris.

Nuages d'avions - Plane clouds Plane's smokes trails mixed with the sky drive to daydreaming.

Nuances d'avions - Shades of planes Sun, a beautiful sky, what more to expect to succeed in taking pictures of planes.

Nuances d'avions en noir et blanc - Black and white Shades of planes Sun, a beautiful sky, what more to expect to succeed in taking pictures of planes.

Nuances de gris - Shades of grey Clouds, smoke or snow can look like a living world of fantastic créatures.

Nuances d'orchidées - Orchids' shades Orchids like jewellery : emerald, amethyst, ruby, topaz.

 Nymphéas - White water lilies  An ocean of beauty and poetry in a pond.

Nymphéas en automne - White water lilies in autumn A humble tribute to this giant of history of painting, Claude Monet.

Oiseaux du littoral - Coastal birds A few coastal birds in their world away from men.

Ombres et lumières bovines - Bovine Lights and shadows Beauty of light is everywhere, even in the most unexpected place.

Ombres et lumières minérales - Mineral shadows and lights It’s difficult to stay unmoved by such effects which bring out the contrast between shadow and light.

Ondulations - Meanders Sea lions evolving in water waved by a light wind create black patterns with beautiful style.

Ondulations minimales - Minimalist meanders The feeling of a mix of bright dark scales and silver waves.

Orchidées - Orchids According the authors, the number of orchid’s species fluctuates between 25 to 30 000 and makes it one of the most important families of flower plants. They are practically everywhere, except deserts and rivers.

Orchidées en beauté - Beautiful orchids Bare orchids, without what's around, conceiling their beauty.

Orchidées en lumières - Illuminated orchids Evanescent lights idealise and renew the delicate beauty of the orchids.

Orchidées serties de noir - Orchids set in black An alternative way of glorifying orchids consists in showing them on a black background to exalt their colours.

Oreilles de vaches - Cows' ears Under the parisian sun, bulls from the "Salon de l'agriculture" put cows into happiness ?

Palais de la république - Palaces of the Republic Thanks to the “Journées du patrimoine” everyone can visit prestigious institutions like ministries and the Elysée Palace. State properties are opened to the public for the weekend. It’s an annual event held throughout in France.

Palais de l'Elysée - Elysée Palace Entering the Elysée Palace during the “Journées du patrimoine” is a priceless moment, run for it. Well… join the line and wait for several hours. The “Journées du patrimoine” are an annual cultural event.

Palais du Luxembourg - The Luxembourg Palace This palace, commissioned in 1615 by Marie de Médicis, now houses the French Senate with a lot of gilt, crimson and lights.

Papillons exotiques - Exotic butterflies A few exotic butterflies in their various dazzling colours.

Parade amoureuse - Love parade Everyone has his own seduction techniques… And it works !!!

Paris 2018 Manifestation des gilets jaunes - Paris 2018 Yellow jackets demonstration Born from a peaceful action of angry citizens against raising taxes on gas, in Paris, this demonstration worsened quickly because of uncontrolled violent people.

Paris cadenas d'amour - Paris love padlocks This tradition, initiated in Paris in 2008 on the "Pont des Arts" by lovers from all over the world, consists in hanging lots of padlocks on the fence, risking the bridge's stability make it sink out of love.

Paris enneigé - Snow-covered Paris It's not the Everest but just enough snow now in march 2018 to bring an unexpected graphism to familiar parisian locations.

Paris et ses livres - Paris and its books I was moving into the world of knowledge, I sailed alone on the stormy river of books. My thirst for reading wasn't fading away and I kept it lively night and day. Pablo Neruda in J'avoue que j'ai vécu.

Paris inattendu - Unexpected Paris Paris will always be Paris, but unexpected Paris, have you thought about it?

Paris : La neige s'invite - Paris : Snow shows up How delightful to gaze at Paris under its great snow-covered coat.

Paris : La neige s'invite (version en noir et blanc) - Paris : Snow shows up (black and white version) How delightful to gaze at Paris under its great snow-covered coat.

Paris : Le Grand Palais - Paris : Great Palace Historic heritage monument since 2000, the Great Palace was built for the Exposition Universelle of 1900, which was a world's fair held in Paris. Its great cupola is made of steel and glass.

Paris préservé - Paris preserved 60' and 70' fortunately have not wrecked everything. Contrary to the "Place des fêtes", Mouzaïa district still have its charm.

Paris tags d'amour - Paris love tags It's difficult to find love in tags That often make our cities look bad. But in the end, after several years, se can.

Paris tropical - Tropical Paris fish tanks In order to photograph tropical fishes in all their splendour, all you need is to visit aquariums from The Porte Dorée and the Trocadéro in Paris.

Paris vu du ciel - Paris from the air How lucky we are to contemplate and take pictures of Paris from this high point of view.

Patrouille de France - The French Acrobatic Patrol The French Acrobatic Patrol also known as the Patrouille de France, is the aerobatic demonstration team of the French Air Force. It can be seen at the International Air Show at Le Bourget or at La Ferté Alais.

Peaux de vaches - Cow hides Patterns that adorn cow hides deserve to be looked at.

Pêcheurs d'images - Pictures' fishermen There are not only pictures' hunters, just like there are not only gondolas in Venice.

Peintures de lumières - Painting in the sky Paiting in the sky, the most spectacular and fugitive art, is luckily immortalized by pictures. Paris, the 14th of July.

Peintures éphémères - Transitory paintings Marks of washed-out paintings after heavy rain idealised thanks to Photoshop.

Pélicans - Pelicans Tired after a long journey, they rest.

Père Lachaise - Père Lachaise cemetery A place to see for everyone who wants to really know Paris. Lots of celebrities are buried in this cemetery.

Permis de végétaliser - License to vegetate A reminder of basic rules of civic mindedness.

Photos de fesses - Bottoms' pictures Well, don't be disappointed by these horses' bottoms.

Photos de lingerie - Laundry pictures Naples is not the only place where you can dry your laundry. Venice can also provide this unexpected view.

Pigeons de Paris - Pigeons from Paris Despite their common aspect, pigeons offer us a fleeting beauty, thanks to their movements with striking style.

Pluie graphique - Graphic rain The fortitious discovery of a great topic, a camera ready to use than Photoshop to conclude with a personal touch.

Pluies de lumières - Raining lightsAlways walking with your head up ? No, you just need to look on the ground to discover a bunch of striking light effects.

Pollen de roses -Roses pollen Bees and bumblebee, tireless workers are still here. May it goes on…

Portraits de félins - Feline portraits Tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars compete with their beautiful fur.

Portraits de lions
 - Lions portraits Here is a succession of portraits of His Majesty the lion and his companion.

Portraits gravés - Carved portraits On ancient carved walls sometimes can be found portraits full of expression.

Premiers avions - Historical planes One can never get tired of admiring old planes, surprisingly still flowing and easy to handle.

Printemps en lumière - Enlightened spring Spring is the season of nature's revival in its fragile, pale, golden brown and translucent colours.

Profils de lumières - Lightened profiles You just need to be at the right time at the right place to catch these transitory lights and then idealise them by reworking them.

Projections - Spatter Spontaneous squirts of paint on plain black walls create images enliven by a mysterious life.

Provence : Carrière de Rustrel - Provence : Rustrel Quarry The provençal Colorado or ochers from Rustrel is an anciant quarry exploited since the end of the 17th century until 1992.

Provence : Champs de lavande - Provence : Lavender fields From June till the end of July, from Vercors to Verdon, lavender fields are in full bloom, a true provençal blue gold.

Provence : Chevaux en liberté - Provence : Horses at liberty It is a greatly enjoyable to watch all these horses gallop at total liberty.

Provence : Couleurs de lavande - Provence : Lavender colours Multicoloured areas deliciously perfumed.

Provence : Lumières de lavande - Provence : lavender lights When light and clouds play with lavender.

Provence : Mont Ventoux - Provence : Mont Ventoux From twilight till sunrise, a special moment full of strong emotion and serenity in front of so much beauty.

Pyramide du Louvre - The Louvre Pyramid This is the Louvre Pyramid as maybe you've never seen it. Caution : every commercial use of these photographs will have to be submitted to the Louvre museum for approval.


Réalité abstraite - Abstract reality When nature takes over a stone wall.

Reflets - Reflection When light comes through tree leaves to illuminate a waterway.

Reflets colorés - Coloured reflections Light becomes colour on smooth and reflective surface.

Reflets d'avions - Planes Reflections The stunning connections between metal and ils bright reflections shows us an unusual pictorial world.

Reflets de bateaux - Sparkling boats Sparkling masts and cordage constantly changing.

Reflets de la Défense - Reflections from la Defense La Défense, with its towers, is a major business district of Paris. Like minerals, towers offer us pure lines in which light creates crystalline effects.

Reflets de lumières - Light reflections From something concrete to abstraction. Many graphic colourful effects make their appearance.

Reflets de phares d'autos - Reflections of front beams A flash in a front beam I hurry to take a picture of, then an other... and in the end, a new abum on my website.

Reflets de rues - Street reflections These tracks, like signatures or calligraphies fluctuate betweek abstraction and something concrete.

Reflets de trains - Train reflections Reflections are everywhere, even where they're not expected.

Reflets de Vénétie - Reflections of Venetia Water shimmering in canals create the impression of abstract paintings.

Reflets éphémères - Ephemeral reflects How stunning ! reflects from a simple waterway make you think about imaginary continents seen from far away.

Reflets évanescents - Evanescent reflections Light and substance come together to create pure art.

Reflets fugitifs - Transitory reflections Chrome-plated area can deform everything else around.

Reflets graphiques - Graphic sparkle Sparkle on water pop up like fleeting and elusive patterns. Sometimes as ephemaral calligraphy.

Reflets imaginés - Imagined reflections A beautiful opportunity to present what I imagined from what I saw.

Reflets lumineux - Bright reflections Bright reflections are everywhere. All you need is opening your eyes... than using Photoshop to enhance them.

Reflets métalliques - Metallic réflexion Here you are the stunning result between the mix of cold and impersonnal métal and a warming and enhancing light.

Reflets sur l’eau - Glints on water A lake surrounded by trees, a beautiful light and wind were the elements I needed to realise these images with no use of Photoshop.

Reflets sur les pavés - Reflexions on the pavement Pavements can express many things. Here they are the enchanting miror of a mystery at our feet.

Regards chevalins - Horse looks What can relay to us all these mysterious and so close looks ? they show so little.

Reims : Bibliothèque Carnegie - The Carnegy Library of Reims Highlight of the Art deco style, the Carnegie Library was built by Max Sainsaulieu from 1921 to 1928, with money donated by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Reims : Cathédrale - The Reims cathédral Highlight of the french gothic art, thanks to its architecture and the statues, the Reims Cathedral is included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1991. After the first world war, the cathedral was restaured.

Reims : Chantier de la cathédrale - Reims cathedral construction Worthy heirs of cathedral builders, the present builders keep on their craft, in accordance with architectural tradition.

Reims : Festival Elektricity - Reims Elektricity An evening in October 2014 similar to a summertime evening, with the festival Elektricity which electrified the front of Reims cathedral, with three bands, London Grammar, Christine and the Queens and Alb.

Reims : Fouilles archéologques - Reims archaeological digs We are so little. To get convinced, one just need to visit the archaeological dig of the church Saint-Remi in Reims during 2018 Cultural heritage days.

Reims : Le cimetière du nord - Reims North cemetery Nicknamed the « Père Lachaise from Reims », the north cemetery houses tombs from local and national celebrities. Works of art from famous sculptors are also to be found there.

Reims : Le tombeau de Saint Remi Reims : Reims The tomb of Saint Remi The bishop saint Remi who baptised king Clovis in 498, rests in the chapel of holy sacrament in the saint Remi church. The statues present saint Remi, Clovis and the 12 peers of France, 6 of them secular and 6 of them religious.

Reims : Les Faux de Verzy - Reims Faux de Verzy The faux de Verzy, these particular trees with tortuous shape, looking like an igloo, with very green leaves, grow in the forest of Verzy, near the mountain of Reims.

Reims : Portraits esquissés - Reims outlined portraits Tanks to Photoshop reality can turn into a sketch book.

Reims : Portraits sculptés - Reims sculpted portraits The famous smiling angel of Reims mustn’t let aside the beautiful sculptures around it, with all the lively sculpted faces.

Reims : Statues martyrisées - Reims martyr statues The fire due to the bombing the 19th of septembre 1914 damaged really bad a lot of statues from Reims cathédral. The statues inside keep many marks of damage due to this catastrophy.

Retraités maltraités Mistreated retired persons Young people  in hellish situation, old people in poverty situation. No way. Paris, the 18th of october.

Rêves de fleurs - Flower dreams What do our dreams turn into, after contemplating such marvelous things ?

Rêves de plongeurs - Divers' dreams Granite blocks and acrobatic figures of divers.

Rêves de roses - Roses dreams To see life in pink, to see life in dreams.

Rêves d'orchidées - Orchids dreams Orchids have been seen for a long time with a certain idea of their beauty, but sometimes one can find in them an enhanced vision.

Rome antique - Ancient Rome In 1979 here was the Colosseum and its area in black and white, shadows and lights.

Rome Jean-Paul II - Rome John-Paul II During his hearing the 11th April 1979, Pope John Paul II surrounded by Christians on this well-known place.

Rome Portraits sculptés - Rome carved portraits Even if they are frozen in stone, these characters have not lost their presence so lively.

Rosée de roses - Roses dew Dew sparkles like iridescent pearls in roses' velvet petals.

Rose de tulipes - Pink tulips A delight of fluffy shapes, colours and lights.

Roses - Roses ​Everything has already been written about roses. Let’s admire them.

Roses flamants - Flamingos in pink When light plays with pink flamingos' feathers.

Sahara - Sahara These pictures were taken in the Algerian Sahara near Tamanrasset. The prehistorical drawings, with the cattle, remind us that this area was once green.

Salle des pas perdus Hall of lost steps Lost steps? Lost steps… but not for everyone !

Salon du Bourget 2009 - Paris Air Show at the Bourget 2009 As you can see with this slide show, planes have always fascinated me. I like seeing them among the clouds et the light effects on their cabin.

Salon du Bourget 2013 - Paris Air Show at the Bourget 2013 Here are some planes that where Shown at the Paris Air Show 2013.

Salon du Bourget 2015 - Paris Air Show at the Bourget 2015 A must see, one can't be disappointed.

Sculptures du Louvre - Sculptures in the Louvre Museum A great museum, sculptures, light and then Photoshop of course.

Sculptures éphémères - Ephemeral sculptures The most unexpected material conform to physical laws ruling the way ice field drift.

Seigle en lumières - Wheat enlightened Get lucky and be there right on time to catch a glimpse of these transitory lights.

Showbiz des seventies - Showbiz from the seventies We all enjoyed voices and texts from 70’s singers. I was lucky to photograph them.

Soleils de fleurs - Flower suns Who can believe there's only one sun? Well, no ! Many different multicoloured suns in nature.

Spectres - Ghosts Between marble statues from Praxiteles and faces from the movie Metropolis, catch a glimpse of an nonexistent time.

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka My first big trip. A wonderful country, unforgettable for the young photographer I was.


Super lune - Super pink moon A rare show, on April 7. A supermoon was seen in the the parisian sky . It appeared very colorful, up to 30% brighter and 7% to 14 Biger.

Tableaux de lumières - Light paintings As abstract painters’s technique of pouring and dripping paint, fireworks manufacturer create masterpieces. Paris, 14th July, 2010.

Tags poétiques - Poetic tags These poetic glimpses from anonymous artists to anonymous passer-by bring a little poetry in daily world.

Textures animales - Animal texture Animal fur strikes us with patterns that can be similar to abstract art.

Textures chevalines - Horses textures Horse is a work of art, long-distance and closely.

Tour de France - Tour de France The Tour de France, an annual event for amateur of cyclism presents a beautiful finale. Paris, july 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Tour Eiffel - Eiffel Tower Still very young, the Eiffel tower is full of unusual viewpoints clear to watchful eyes.

Turquie - Turkey A country with a long history, fascinating to discover and to photograph, with its ruins, its landscapes and its population.

Univers blanc - White universe These surprising and short-lived left on the snowy ground remind of some contemporary art.

Univers de feu - Fire world Getting closer to a telephoto lens often allows us to discover an environment similar to what is represented in astronomy pictures.

Univers gris - Grey universes To plunge back into black and white photography is a true pleasure.

Univers irréels - Unreal worlds In the end, the subject represented on the picture doesn't really matter, only remain dream and impressions.

Univers lumineux - Bright universe Moving light kkeps on creating mysteries, by carrying us in a colourful and dreamy  world.

Univers noirs - Black worlds Materials give unsuspected appearance to objects whose nature and function tend to be forgotten.

Vagues de lumières - Waves of light What a contrast between ground, water, sun and the entanglement of lines and colours !

Variations - Variations Light, trees, water, wind and some drops of rains…

Variations de gris - Grey changes Movable surfaces of a tangible space seem like an abstract universe.

Vélos de Paris - Bicycles in Paris There is more to Montmartre than just the Sacré Cœur and the Place du Tertre.

Versailles, bassin d'Apollon 1980 - Versailles, the Apollo fountain 1980 The sculpture of the Apollo fountain was regilded in the 1980’s. It represents Apollo rising in front of the sun. Apollo stands on a chariot drawn by four horses surrounded by four mermans.

Versailles, grandes eaux - Versailles, the Fountains Water and light in the Park of Versailles turn into crystal in a setting where mythology and fantasy meet.

Versailles, le Château - Palace of Versailles Here are some pictures taken during a visit at the palace of Versailles, the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon, all mixed up together.

Versailles, le Hameau - Versailles, the Queen's Hamlet The cottages and the trees of Marie-Antoinette's hamlet transport us into the atmosphere of paintings from the 18th century.

Versailles, le Hameau sépia - Versailles, the Queen's Hamlet sepia In these pictures, the Marie Antoinette Hamlet looks like ancient photographs from the 19th century.

Vestiges Gallo-Romains de Saintonge - Gallo romans vest Moss, ivy and centuries don't prevent archeologists and amateurs from admiring the ability of thé Romans to build aqueducts and wash houses.

Zébrures de zèbres - Zebras' stripes Stripes are sometimes very valued in contemporary art. Bad luck, Nature had came up with it long before.