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Publié par Jean-Pierre MAFFRE

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Du temps de l’argentique (1ere partie) - The silver era (part 1) For those who are nostalgic for silver film, Bievres International Photofair has become a must. Every kind of ancien photographic cameras can be found, rare pictures and a chance to take unusual pictures.

Du temps de l'argentique (2eme partie) - The silver era (part 2) For those who are nostalgic for silver film, Bievres International Photofair has become a must. Every kind of ancien photographic cameras can be found, rare pictures and a chance to take unusual pictures.

Eau et terre - Water and earth Water, earth, combination of both bring about striking results. Who could believe the pictures have been taken in marsches around Mont Saint-Michel ?

Ecailles de peinture - Painting flakes When graffiti painting gets old, a common scribble can appear totally different.

Eclats d'ombres et de lumières - Radiances of shadow and lights What a sight when light plays with clouds.

Ecosse : Apparitions minérales - Mineral appearances Graphic details rarely seen by hikers, caught my eye.

Ecosse : Les pierres de Jean-Pierre - Scotland : Jean-Pierre's stones Hard to get away from jokes when you spend all your time gazing at stones (in French the first name  Jean-Pierre evokes the word stones, which is "pierre" in French).

Ecosse : Lichens inattendus - Scotland : unexpected lichen It is unnecessary to make changes with Photoshop, nature does it all.

Ecosse : Paysages - Scotland : Landscapes Vast areas, remarkable sites, known und unknown.

Ecosse : Sculptures minérales - Scotland : mineral sculptures Meeting an unexpected sculptor : Nature.

Egypte - Egypt Following Ramses and Nefertiti’s footsteps, Egypt keeps on making us dream.

Elans amoureux - Amorous rush What's on these two giraffes' mind ? No one knows, let us just imagine.

Embruns - Sea sprays During enormous tides, waves which shatter on the Saint-Malo pier create beautiful transitory graphisms.

Esquisses de cathédrale - Cathedral sketcheslt It' s hard to find subjects suitable for filters included in image processing softwares. The Rouen cathedral is perfect for it.

Fête des lumières de Lyon - The Lyon festival of lights The Festival of Lights, 2011 edition offered us a dazzling show thanks to its beautiful light effects.

Feuillages au printemps - Spring foliage Sun, greenery enlightened by direct lighting or backlighting idealise trees, during a beautiful spring daytime.

Feuillages en rêves - Dreamy foliage Photoshop filters ? Not at all, just foliage through a window.

Feuillages imaginaires - Imaginary foliage Autumn is not the only one that get greenery into a multitude of colours.

Feuilles d'automne - Autumnal leaves The street Under the pouring rain, just like an imaginary patchwork.

Feuillages sur l'eau - Foliage on water Seen from below, trees foliage floating on water turning into surprising patterns.

Filtres optiques - Optical filters There was a life before Photoshop. A silver film and fibre optics put in front of the lens did the trick.

Flamants roses - Pink flamingos How many feathers ! ​​Moulin rouge, Folies bergères, Lido ? ​​Wrong guess : flamingos.

Fleurs de cactus - Flowers of cactus Pictures that are quite thorny.

Fleurs de jardin - Garden flowers Thanks a lot to all the anonymous gardeners who make our life more beautiful, with their passion for nature beautiful things.

Formes et brillances - Shapes and shine Close ups are a good way to forget what things are, just turning objects into abstract ​paintings.

Frelons - Hornets What does a photographer who has been stung by a hornet ? Taking revenge by taking pictures.

Giverny et ses nymphéas - Giverny and its waterlilies In Giverny, it's like entering a painting of Claude Monet, it can be explored and every details can be photographed.

Grands singes - Big monkeys Big monkeys can be admired and seen closely at the zoo of Beauval.

Graphismes d’automne - Autumn style Trees without most of their leaves draw a striking and transitory style on a pearly white sky.

Graphismes d'écorces - Bark graphisms Under the shining sun, barks from plane tree trunks give form to patterns that look like a jigsaw puzzle.

Graphismes de fleurs - Flower style Up to what point does the the sublime beauty go ?

Graphismes de neige - Snow graphisms The whiteness of the snow which contrasts with the underlying earth reveal unexpected shapes.

Graphismes de roses - Roses graphisms By getting close to heart of roses, one can discover flawlesse patterns and lines.

Graphismes de rues - Street graphisms Although one should be cautious looking to the the right and to the left when crossing a street, nothing should stop us, when it's possible to look down on the ground.

Graphismes de trottoirs - Pavement graphisms There is no doubt about it, one just has to go for it to enter the dream.

Graphismes d’Hermione - Hermione style Mast, mizzen, foremast and bowsprit, with their stunning style, bring back to life old sailing world.

Graphismes d’orchidées - Orchids graphisms With shapes halfway between reality and mystery one can almost forget it's all about flowers.

Graphismes éphémères - Fleeting drawing style Under the influence of the wind, water always shifting creates beautiful style.

Graphismes moirés - Shimmering graphisms Seen through a fabric, sparkling shapes draws a dreamlike world, thanks to transparency.

Graphismes urbains - Urban graphisms Bringing together black and white, lines and shapes in the evening light

Grèce : Curiosités de la nature - Greece : curiosity of the nature From the highest rocks to lowly pebbles, nature is a constant wonder.

Grèce : Les météores - Greece : meteora Meteora. In greek : suspended place. Its monasteries host a monastic life for more tha an millenary.

Grèce : Pélicans frisés - Greece : curly pélicans Curly pelican, one of the biggest birds in the world, breed in swamps and shallow lakes.

Gris argentés - Silver-coloured grey Stunning effects of shapes and lights halfway between tangible and abstraction.

Gris d'ardoises - Grey slates Roofs made from slates hold beautiful graphic surprises in store.

Gris de félins - Feline grey Nature in colour, yes. But often black and white allow to feel the ultimate beauty of the animal kingdom.

Gris de Rafale - Rafale grey At the Ferté-Alais airshow in 2019, the Rafale, jewel of the french aeronautic, evolves in grey tones in a grey sky.

Gris marine - Marine grey The 2019 Rouen Armada has known some short episodes of rare intensity, a real chance to take for a photographer.

Gris souris - Grey mouse When a mouse meets the mouse scroll wheel of a computer.

Herbier de famille - Family herbarium Attics always shelter a part of our Family history. With Photoshop, how can one resist adding à personnal touch ?

Impressions fugitives - Transitory impressions Night and day, light plays with water waving.

Inde : Chamane du Ladakh - India : Shaman from the Ladakh Shamans, intermediaries between the spiritual world and the world of the living, are very appreciated for their healing skills.

Inde : Ciels du Ladakh - India : Ladakh skies A territory of serenity, located between the sky and earth.

Inde : Instants de vies - India : Moments of life A paradise for photographers. It is not unusual to be asked to photograph people driven by the joy to see them on the screen of the camera.

Inde : Moines du Ladakh - India : monks from Ladakh A choice of life, a path to reach the state of nirvana.

Inde : Montagnes du Ladakh - India : Ladakh Mountains Life is everywhere, even where you least expect it.

Inde : Nomades du Ladakh - India : Ladakh nomads For Nomadic shepherds, there are four transhumances  between may and september.

Inde : Nuages du Ladakh - India : Ladakh clouds What you don't find in the weather forecasts.

Inde : Paysages du Ladakh - India : Ladakh landscapes Located in northern India, Ladakh offers mystical lunar landscapes and alpine deserts where there are many monasteries.

Inde : Portraits pétrifiés du Ladakh - India : Ladakh petrified portraits in the stone In these landscapes faces are hiding. Try and guess where they are.

Inde : Rochers du Ladakh - India : Ladakh rocks A geologist would lose his head.

Inondations de Saintes - Flood in Saintes (southern France) La Charente, a seemingly peaceful river with its trips on barges or on boats from the tourism office can be quite terrifying especially during a memorable flood in winter 1982.

Islande : Champ de lave d'Eldhraun - Iceland : Lava flow in Eldhraun Eldhrau, which is translated “ fire lava flow”, is an icelandic lava flow appeared during the Laki eruption in 1783.

Islande : De la lave en fusion - Iceland : molten rock Few places on the planet make it possible to watch closely magma lava or molten rock lakes.

Islande : Eclats d'icebergs - Iceland : icebergs slivers The beauty of the place is due to the presence of black sand and of many icebergs and ice blocks ending up there. The colors go from blue to white, and also transparent and even black.

Islande : Fonte des glaciers - Iceland : glaciers melt Iceland is an area in the world where glaciers melt is particularly visible.

Islande : Grands glaciers - Iceland : Great glaciers The Vatnajökull is located in southeast Iceland. With a size equal to Corsica, it covers 8% of the total icelandic surface area.

Islande : Gris de volcans - Iceland : Greys volcanos The lava of a volcano consists of rock at elevated temperature (between 700 and 1200° C), and it forms the red magma. When cooling down, lava takes on a dark colour, until black.

Islande : Lagune glaciaire - Iceland : Glacier lagoon In the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, icebergs coming down the glaciers fall off in a lake on which on can admire their movements.

Islande : Noirs et gris de volcans - Iceland : Blacks and greys volcanos Iceland is a land of glaciers, volcanos and legends.

Islande : Noir et rouge de volcans - Iceland : Black and red volcanos Red volcanos or effusive volcanos are volcanos in the shape of cones, with fluid lava, without explosion. The eruption gives form to a cone of scoria made of accumulation of smears.

Islande : Volcan Geldingadalur - Iceland : Geldingadalur Volcano In Spring 2021, after 800 years of inactivity, the Geldingadalur volcano offers us spectcular lava flood which could go on for several years.

Italie : Dolomites - Italy : The Dolomites How can we express the somptuousness and the variety of all this gorgeous landscapes ?

Italie : Dolomites : Couleurs d'automne - Italy : The Dolomites autumn colours The Dolomites, during this particular season, unveils a great colour palette.

Italie : Dolomites sous la brume - Italy : The Dolomites in the mist The mist, by wrapping all the summits, adds some mystery to it.

Italie : Dolomites sous les nuages - Italy : The Dolomites under the clouds What would the Dolomites be without clouds in the summits.

Italie : Ciels de Toscane - Italy : Tuscany skies Thanks to variations of light during daytime, Tuscany skies always look differently.

Italie : Graphismes de Toscane - Italy : Tuscany graphisms In November, earth of farmed fields retrieve its bare character, distinguished by graphic lines.

Italie : Lumières de Toscane - Italy : Tuscany lights Subtle change of lights bring to Tuscany landscapes create shades marked with poetry.

Italie : Paysages de Toscane - Italy : Tuscany landscapes Tuscany landscapes produce images of soothing beauty.

Italie : Pêcheurs d'images - Italy : Pictures' fishermen There are not only pictures' hunters, just like there are not only gondolas in Venice.

Italie : Photos de lingerie - Italy : Laundry pictures Naples is not the only place where you can dry your laundry. Venice can also provide this unexpected view.

Italie : Reflets de Vénétie - Italy : Reflections of Venetia Water shimmering in canals create the impression of abstract paintings.

Italie : Rome antique - Ancient Rome In 1979 here was the Colosseum and its area in black and white, shadows and lights.

Italie : Rome Jean-Paul II - Rome John-Paul II During his hearing the 11th April 1979, Pope John Paul II surrounded by Christians on this well-known place.

Italie : Rome Portraits sculptés - Rome carved portraits Even if they are frozen in stone, these characters have not lost their presence so lively.

Italie : Venise : Flâner dans Venise - Venise : Taking a stroll in Venise Taking a stroll in Venise offers an opportunity to avoid the postcards settings and taking pictures of unexpected aspects of this city.

Italie : Venise : Le carnaval - Italy : Venise : the carnival From the 18th to 21st century, a whole picture gallery unfold before our eyes.

Italie : Venise : Les masques du carnaval - Italy : Venise : the masks of the carnival The carnival gives us the opportunity to discover an anthology of masks very colourful.